James Hardie
Mix Plant 7

Point Zero was engaged by MJK Fabricators to comprehensively carry out the design, engineering, certification and drafting for the new Mix Plant 7 at James Hardie, Carole Park, QLD. Mix Plant 7 is a new batching and mixing plant – an upgrade to the existing Brownfield plant. This posed a unique challenge because it required a new free-standing structure, with a control room specially designed to utilise available space within the existing structure.

This project was the largest design and engineering project undertaken by Point Zero at the time. The new plant involved a structure that needed to house a wide range of equipment, from process piping to pumps and feed screws, with limited space. This created many challenges for the placement and access of all maintainable equipment. Complicated process pipework was routed from existing sources travelling through the plant to the new batching equipment. 

We needed to devise a precise and effective solution that maximise the use of the space without interfering with the pipework. To identify this solution, Point Zero carried out a high-resolution 3D scan of the plant. This ensured that all designs were dimensionally correct, minimising welding done on-site and allowing for the creation of sophisticated and accurate drafting. 

Living up to its reputation for superior precision and innovation, Point Zero used the latest technology in process piping, steel detailing and FEA software to achieve a concept-to-steel time that was significantly faster than traditional drafting and engineering methods.

All steelwork was designed and certified to AS 4100-1998. All platforms, walkways and handrails comply with AS1657-2018

Project Details

• Client: MJK Fabricators
• Date: 12/2021 to present

Services Provided

• RPEQ Certification
• 3D Scanning
• Engineering
• Design
• Drafting
• Process piping

Standards Observed

• AS 4100 – 1998
• AS 1657 – 2018