Belgrave Train Station Carpark Facade

The Belgrave Train Station is part of the Victorian Government’s massive rail network expansion project. Point Zero has been engaged by the Locker Group to provide drafting services to help them deliver an ambitious façade design. Covering more than 5000m2, the façade contains more than 3000 perforated panels and requires sophisticated engineering solutions to assemble effectively. 

The scale of this project is breathtaking – it is a large building with a complex facade to be completed within a short time frame.

Point Zero’s methodologies have allowed us to prepare the 3D model, BOMs and drawings in record time. This ensures that the project runs smoothly and quickly, keeping costs down and meeting government deadlines.

Project Details

• Client: MJK Fabricators
• Date: 12/2021 to present

Services Provided

• RPEQ Certification
• 3D Scanning
• Engineering
• Design
• Drafting
• Process piping

Standards Observed

• AS 4100 – 1998
• AS 1657 – 2018