Verton Everest + Spin Pod Series

Point Zero has proudly partnered with Verton since their commercial model – the Everest 6 gyroscopic lifting beam. This was no easy feat – using a gyroscope to control a suspended load presents an elegant technical challenge. These gyroscopic models are a core element of Verton’s business and need to reach for technical perfection. As a key technology partner, we designed the mechanical package for the SpinPod 7.5 and the flagship SpinPod 30 model.

Point Zero successfully enabled huge, custom-designed flywheels that could operate safely at high speeds and provide hand-free load control of suspended loads. To achieve this monumental task, we used dynamic simulation modeling, finite element analysis, and our extensive experience.

This was a groundbreaking collaboration that addressed a technically challenging situation with innovation. This concept, consisting of huge equipment that needs to be stable and usable, was designed entirely without precedent. We moved beyond a one-size-fits-all approach and these problems were solved from first principles – there were no textbooks or standards for these cutting-edge designs.

Verton is now represented worldwide. We look forward to many more years working with Verton and are excited to support their trailblazing work.

Project Details

• Client: Verton
• Date: TBC

Services Provided

• RPEQ Certification
• Design
• Engineering
• Finite Element Analysis
• Drafting
• Development and Testing